The Emotion AI Platform for developers.

We created an easy-to-use set of features for building websites, apps and embedded systems
powered by emotions.

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Includes everything you need to build emotions.

We make it easy by including all of the necessary libraries from detecting to activating emotions.


Perceive Emotions

Scientifically up-to-date facial expression detection models


Predict Best Action

Reinforcement Learning engine powered by emotional feedbacks


Activate Empathy

Expressive animated interfaces for natural communication

Open APIs

Available on GitHub, there's at least one that fits your needs.

Ready-to-use Examples

Collection of open source projects to bootstrap your idea


An extensive documentation crafted with by developers

How it works

Mojo Emotion AI Platform is a modular cognitive architecture inspired by Human's Natural Communication Abilities.

We've teached robots to understand people's attention and emotions like no one else. That's the most basic building-blocks for an emotion-ready product.

With, we've made it simple, easy to use with privacy and performance as core values.


Privacy by design

What happens on Mojo,
stays with Mojo.

We take good care of personal data and use industry standards. Data are stored, protected and secured on servers under the E.U. privacy policy laws.

With Privacy, transparency leads to Trust.
That's why our APIs are open, auditable and maintained on GitHub.


Open Source API for Mojo Emotion AI Platform.

Simple to install with npm, Mojo Emotion AI Plaform API is easy to use. We regularly update the developer documentation with tutorials, examples and boilerplates.

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